Lunedì 4 settembre 1950 - Glasgow, Celtic Park - Celtic-Lazio 4-0

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4 settembre 1950 - Amichevole

CELTIC: Bonnar, Haughney, Mac Grory, Milne, Evans, Ballie; Collins, Fernie, Mac Phail, Peacock, Tully.

LAZIO: Sentimenti IV, Sentimenti V, Malacarne, Furiassi, Alzani, Bimbi, Puccinelli, Flamini, Hofling, Cecconi, Sukru (Unzain).

Arbitro: Sig. Mitchell (Scozia).

Marcatori: 29', 44' (rig), 75' e 83' (rig) Mac Phail.

Spettatori: 45.000.

Note: pioggia incessante, visibilità scarsa. Terreno buono in relazione alle condizioni climatiche. La Lazio è la prima squadra italiana a disputare un incontro in Scozia.

Dal quotidiano scozzese "The Scotsman"

The Scotsman - Tuesday, 5th September 1950, page 3

Four goals by M'Phail, the Celtic centre inflicted a decisive defeat on Lazio, the first Italian team to play in Scotland, when they appeared at Parkhead, Glasgow last night. The visit of the Italian team was in return for the game between them at Rome in June, when they finished level. In last night's encounter the visitors were deservedly beaten, after starting with the usual flourish of quick moving Continental play. Celtic however were able to show them a few tricks in controlled footwork, and they led by two goals at the interval, The Italians had the old fault of shot-shy forwards. Apart from -a low grounder by Cecconi, the home goalkeeper was little troubled They could move smoothly, but too often the effort broke down with one or more or the attack running into an off-side position. McPhail opened the scoring after twenty-seven minutes, with a header which crashed the ball against the crossbar before it squirmed into the net. Six minutes from half-time, the centre converted a. penalty given against right-half Alzani. Celtic continued to dominate in the second half, though the Italian outside left took the eye With several good efforts. M'Phail had his hat-trick with another fine header from pass by Peacock in the seventy-fifth minute, and he completed a great evening's work by converting another penalty, just before the finish. Estimated attendance, 45,000.

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